Introducing Colors - Digital Color Picker


Introducing iPhone app Colors – Digital Color Picker for Seamless Color Exploration!

Unlock a world of creativity with Colors, the must-have app that brings the beauty of colors to your fingertips. Seamlessly integrated with a powerful digital color picker, live camera feed, and intuitive interface, Colors - Digital Color Picker ensures an effortless and enjoyable experience for users of all levels. Download now here

Key features

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  • Digital Color Picker: Dive into the spectrum of colors with our advanced digital color picker. Effortlessly capture color codes from any photo or live camera feed, empowering you to extract and use precise shades instantly.

  • Extensive Color Code Support: No need to worry about compatibility. Colors supports a range of color codes, including HEX and RGB, providing comprehensive information for use in various design and editing applications.

  • Live Camera Feed: See the world in a new light! Colors utilizes your device’s camera to provide real-time color identification. Simply point and shoot, and watch as the app reveals the exact color codes of the objects around you.

  • Color Scheme Preview: Your creativity knows no bounds with Colors. Save and organize your favorite colors into personalized palettes. Preview your color schemes to visualize how different shades complement each other seamlessly.

  • Save for later: Colors makes it easy to save your identified colors. Export color codes to use in other software.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Colors boasts a user-friendly interface, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable navigation experience. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned designer, you’ll find Colors intuitive and easy to use.

Unleash your imagination with Colors – the pocket-sized palette that transforms your device into a powerful color exploration tool. Download now and experience the world of colors like never before!


Example 1

There are many ways to use Colors. One of the main use cases probably reading codes from other designs. Imagine you are scrolling X or Instagram and some cool app design pops up. Just take a screenshot and read the colors with our app!

Also, this could be usefull with live camera, where you are trying to find a color for your walls. You might find an inspiration somewhere and with just few taps, you can read the color codes of the walls. Easy!

These are just few examples, we believe the app could be used by graphics designers but also painters, etc.

Developers note

Colors was my first app. Not the one that I published, but was the first one I started working on my free time. At some point I left it behind and it was quite a challanging concept. After I released my first app, I came back to it again.

I believe Colors is my best app yet. Even though I have a bundle of them right now, still it’s the one I believe the most. It has many use cases, especially if you are dealing with graphics design. Want to check other app colors, etc.

It’s a great and usefull tool which can help anyone that wants to read colors from images on an iPhone.

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