I’m Karolis Raišelis, iOS Developer from Lithuania. I have been building iOS apps for 10+ years now. Worked in multiple companies and also released few apps of my own. I started off just when iOS 7 landed and iPhone 5 was introduced, which was ideal time to start just when iOS had it’s biggest redesign to this day.

My main purpose of this page is to showcase my work and to write about my own experiences and development for Apple platforms. In last couple of years I was mostly leading iOS teams, so I will try to touch management topics, not just how to round corners of a Button in SwiftUI 😅


So far I have worked in 4 companies. All of them had a completely diffent products which led to different kinds of learning experiences. From an App that allows Bariatric patients to recover easily, to cyber security and VPN app in NordSecurity.

NordSecurity / NordVPN

  • Engineering Manager / NordVPN iOS App
    • January 2023 - Present
    • In this role I’m wearing multiple hats. From directly managing 2 iOS Team Leads to going on R&D missios like making AppleTV POC App, etc. Other responsibilites include managing technical backlog and planning Engineering OKRS.
  • iOS Technical Lead / NordVPN iOS App
    • October 2020 - January 2023
    • Responsible for technical backlog, peoples development plans and overall technical NordVPN iOS Apps evoliution.
  • iOS Developer / NordVPN iOS App
    • October 2017 - October 2020
    • Working on NordVPN iOS app and it’s features. Was responsible for all major features, including new VPN protocol implementations, A/B testing stack, etc. Also technically leading the project.

Fun Guide Europe

  • iOS Developer / FunGuide iOS App
    • February 2016 - October 2017
    • Responsible for building FunGuide app from scratch. App was for foreigners living in China. It had article, event feed, shop and other features.

UAB NordClinic

  • iOS Developer / BariatricIQ iOS App
    • November 2014 - February 2016
    • Built BariatricIQ app from scratch. App had multiple feautres, focusing on bariatric patients recovery. App had food recommendations and macros calculation, articles, forum and other features.

UAB Presta Soft

  • iOS Developer / Presta iOS App
    • November 2013 - October 2014
    • I was responsible for minor bug fixes and maintenance of an existing Presta app. It was ahead of it’s time, where you were able to order food from restaurants to your home. It also had a second flavor, where app was communicating with POS system in Restaurants. Waiters would put customers orders through the app and they would be sent to the kitchen.

My Apps on the App Store

I have building my own apps for quite some time. Obviously I have a daytime job, so it takes a while to build one. Apps might not be the most complex ones, but still, this allows me to play with latest technologies which is something that you might not always get in your normal iOS developer job.

PaintUp - Retouch Photos

You can download it here: PaintUp

ProCut - Lift Photo Subjects

You can download it here: ProCut

Interval Timer Pro+

You can download it here: Interval Timer Pro+

Standup - Scrum Helper

You can download it here: Standup - Scrum Helper

Filterio - Filters and Presets

You can download it here: Filterio

Counter - Increment Numbers

You can download it here: Counter

Colors - pixels to colors

You can download it here: Colors

FrameShot - Video to Photo

You can download it here: FrameShot

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